Dispute Your Charges With Trusted Legal Guidance

The Law Office of David B. Ziegler has tried many criminal law cases in Houston, Texas. Hire attorney Ziegler to represent you for any of the following:


DUI / DWI Charges

DUI and DWI convictions come with harsh consequences, ranging from $2,000 fines to 10-year prison sentences. Don't try to represent yourself-rely on a skilled DUI attorney in Houston, Texas.


Traffic Violations

If you think you were wrongfully charged with a crime, discuss your case with attorney David B. Ziegler. He'll analyze the evidence carefully to build a strong counterargument in your behalf.



Even if the charge isn't severe, you still need a criminal law attorney in Houston, Texas to defend you. Attorney Ziegler will sit down with you to discuss your charge and put together a convincing defensive strategy.



Your rights are on the line here, as well as your future. David Ziegler is a practiced criminal law attorney in Houston, Texas. You can depend on him to fight aggressively for your freedom.

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