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Losing a loved one is difficult. You may not be able to think clearly when it's time to probate their estate. If you need probate law help in Houston, Texas, hire the Law Office of David B. Ziegler. Attorney Ziegler will administer your family member's estate and carry out their wishes. He'll notify the appropriate parties of your loved one's passing and settle their affairs as instructed.

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Make the probate process easy for your family

The best way to ensure a smooth probate process is to establish an estate plan. Attorney David B. Ziegler practices estate law in Houston, Texas. Trust him to help you:

  • Draft your will
  • Create a trust
  • Appoint heirs
  • Set health care directives
  • Establish powers of attorney
  • File beneficiary forms

You'll be surprised by how quickly you can plan your estate. Call 713-622-5752 now to schedule an estate law consultation in Houston, Texas.